Terms and Conditions of Sale


The company Mezzanotte GmbH, Luisenstr.10-11, 30159 Hannover, Managing Directors: V. Tornow and A. Hintz, Telefon +49 511 8503 8888,, (hereafter called "Mezzanotte" or "we"), operates an online shop under the following Internet address: (hereafter called "Website"). The following terms and conditions (TaC) apply to all orders and deliveries that have taken place between Mezzanotte and the ordering party (customer) who are either consumers according to paragraph 13BGB (civil code) or companies according to paragraph 14BGB in the current version at the time of ordering. The ordering party accepts these TaC by klicking on “I accept your Terms and Conditions” as part of the ordering process. Differing provisions of the ordering party are not accepted unless confirmed in writing. 



Important Notice

Security Tag

All Mezzanotte products are equipped and attached with a security tag and are shipped with that tag. We emphasize that we do not accept any returns that are missing the security tag or have a damaged security tag. Please be careful when trying on for proper fir to not remove or damage the security tag as we will not offer reimbursement in that case.


Images, Presentations and Colors 

All products offered via the online shop  are presented clearly and closely resembling reality. A guarantee to complete correspondence to reality cannot be made due to the various monitor, color, graphics, and/or printer adjustments.

The products offered via  are presented on the internet pages through digital photographs taken of the actual products. Mezzanotte strives to represent the colors of the products on our website as true as possible. Because of the many varied monitor technologies and adjustments available to our customers we cannot guarantee that the ordering party’s computer monitor is capable to represent colors 100% correctly. Minor differences between the image and the actual product do not constitute a claim for reimbursement.


Availability and Prices of Products

All prices and offers are applicable as advertised from time to time. The actual price in Euro (EUR) of a product is the one shown on the website at the time an order is accepted, except for obvious errors.

We inform the ordering party that products shown in our online shop at the time of your visit may not be available and that prices may have changed.



Contract Agreement

Selection of Delivery Country

Depending on the country of delivery (destination) the following languages are available for contract agreement:


Country of Destination

Available Languages

Germany and Austria

German, English


German, English


German, English


German, English

Great Britain






Middle East








EU Member Countries

German, English

Other European Countries


Rest der Welt



Middle East: Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi-Arabia, UAE



Sales Contract

Presenting products on our website does not constitute a binding offer. By forwarding the ordering form contained on our website, the ordering party makes a firm offer of a sales contract with us. The customer makes this binding offer by confirming the products selected to the shopping basket, by providing all required information during the ordering process, and to forward the ordering form to us by clicking on the button “conclude order”. Prior to forwarding the ordering form the customer is provided with a summary of all information on the form with the option to make any corrections.


Order Confirmation

Upon receiving a customer’s order we issue an email (confirmation of order received) which confirms that we received said order and which provides the details of the customer’s order. Please be advised that this confirmation of your order does not constitute an acceptance of your contract offer, but merely serves for information. The binding sales contract between the customer and Mezzanotte becomes effective at the time we ship the ordered product.  Shipping takes place after receipt of the entire price amount on our account. Mezzanotte may at its digression reject any customer’s offer without providing any cause.



Exchange and Returns

Instructions for Returns

A customer may return any of our products received  without stating any cause, within 14 days. The return period commences upon receipt of these instructions in a text version (by means of a letter, email, Fax), but not before actual receipt of the goods at the customer listed on the shipping documents (in case of repeat shipments of same products not before receipt of  the first shipment) , and not before we have fulfilled our obligation to advise according to article246 paragraph 2 in combination with paragraph 1, section 1 and 2 of the EGBGB and also not before we have fulfilled our obligation according to paragraph 312g section 1, sentence 1 of the BGB in combination with article 246, paragraph 3, of the EGBGB. In case of bulky products that cannot be shipped via parcel post, the customer may declare a return demand via text form. To observe the deadline, shipping the product within the deadline or expressing a return demand is sufficient. The return of the product or the return demand must be addressed to: Mezzanotte, Löwenstrasse 1, 30175 Hannover,



In case of a valid return all benefits received by either party must be returned or any use compensated. In case of damaged products, (i. e. through usage) that cannot be returned or only partially returned, or returned in damaged condition, these damages shall be compensated by the customer. In case of damaged products, compensation shall be made only if these damages are the result of a use of the product exceeding what is customary for trying on for fitting or checking for functionality. A missing or damaged security tag results in the possibility of not providing any reimbursement subject to our decision.  It is understood that what is customary for trying on for fitting or checking for functionality corresponds to what would be allowable and customary in a retail store.  A requirement for reimbursement must be fulfilled with 10 days. That timeframe commences for the customer with the shipping of the product or the sending of the return demand, and for us with the receipt.


Return Instructions

In case of a valid return, services or uses received by either side shall be returned. In case of damaged goods or services that are not returned, or partially returned, or returned in damaged condition, the customer shall provide compensation.

All goods shall be returned in an unused condition. All tags affixed by Mezzanotte must still be attached to the product. Returns of damaged or soiled goods may not be accepted and may be returned to the customer or reimbursement may be refused.

Should any article from your order not be equipped with a security or other Mezzanotte tag, please inform us via email at this address:

Returned Shipments

Please consider that we can accept return shipments only from those countries to which the products were shipped to. For example, shipments made to Germany may be returned only from Germany. In case of a return, a money transfer to your account /card shall be made. Any losses due to exchange rates are not compensated.


Should you have questions concerning your return rights please contact our customer service:

Telefon: +49 511 8503 8888


End of Return Instructions



Prices and Coupons

The prices shown on our internet site at the time of your order are the prices charged. These are gross prices including the legal turn over taxes but exclusive of shipping charges and any customs duties.

Should a customer have ordered several products at the same time, the individual products may be shipped at different times. Paragraph 266 BGB is not affected. Shipping charges are charged only once.

Coupons are valid for one year from the time of receipt. These may be used in our Online Shop or in one of our Mezzanotte retail stores.



All payments and reimbursements are done in Euro (EUR).




Shipping and Delivery

Shipping within the EU is done with DHL, UPS, or FedEx. The risk of transport stays with Mezzanotte. The goods will be ready for shipment on the working day following your order. Unless agreed upon differently, delivery will take place from 2 to 5 working days to the indicated delivery address, regardless of the type of shipment and the place of origin. In case of prior payment, the articles will be shipped upon receipt of the full purchase price at our account.

International Shipping

We deliver globally. International shipments are handled by DHL, FedEx, or UPS.  Based on experience, our logistic partners do door to door delivery of the goods within 2 to 5 working days. They will forward to the ordering party a bill for customs duties and taxes. These are the responsibility of the ordering party and will not be assumed by Mezzanotte.

All prices do not include any value added taxes in the country of destination as well as any customs and service fees. German value added taxes are not charged. Any import, customs, and service charges in the country of destination are the responsibility of the ordering party.

Any import, customs, and service charges are not reimbursed in case of return of purchased goods.

Special Shipping on Request

In case a customer requests a special type of shipment such as express shipment or courier service, the ordering party is responsible for any additional costs according to the then current price list of our logistics partners. The risk of transport is assumed by the customer upon transfer of the goods to the logistics partner, unless the customer is an end consumer and the order is for a consumer product.




The purchase price as well as any incurred shipping costs for the articles ordered by the ordering party shall be paid exclusively per credit card, PayPal, prior funds transfer or CoD. Mezzanotte reserves the right to deny certain types of payment and to refer to other types of payment. In case an ordered product is not available, any payments made already by the ordering party will be refunded without delay in the manner in which payment to us was made.

Kindly be aware that a number of banks charge separate transfer fees for foreign transactions, such as payments from abroad. In case of return shipments, such bank charges are not reimbursed



Payment per Credit or Debit Card

We accept the following credit and debit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Visa Debit and Master Card Debit.

Mezzanotte utilizes most up to date secure software with SSL encoding which offers protection against spying and manipulation for your transferred card data. In addition we initiate everything possible for us to protect detail information of your orders and your method of payment. Nevertheless, except for negligence on our part, we do not assume liability for losses the ordering party may incur because third parties  were able to gain unauthorized access to information of whatever kind you may have provided during your accessing our website or during the ordering process from our website.   


Pre-Payment via Bank Transfer

Payment via bank transfer pre-payment shall be initiated without delay upon placing an order. Acceptance of the order contract and shipment of the order shall be initiated upon receipt of all expenses including any shipping charges for the selected country of destination. In case these transfers of the purchase price and the shipping charges are not received by Mezzanotte, Mezzanotte is authorized to cancel the order.


Our bank information:



Any shipped products remain property of Mezzanotte until complete payment is accomplished.




We store you ordering details. Should you request a print out of your order, you may print the “receipt of order confirmation”. This will show on your monitor once you have forwarded to us your order by clicking on the “buy” button and your credit card data was approved.

Additionally you will receive per email all order information provided, which also may be printed.



Questions Regarding an Order or Claims

Questions regarding your order or any claims may be directed to our customer service:


Telephone: +49 511 8503 8888



Regarding any guarantee concerning defects oft he delivered products, the legal provisions apply 


Applicable Laws, Enforcement

In case of any legal procedures in connection with an order contract, only German law applies to exclude any UN legal provisions.

Should any or several parts of these conditions not be applicable, the effectiveness of the remaining conditions are not affected.